Colber is a family business company founded in 1979 by Gabriele Longoni and followed by his daughter Lodovica Longoni maintaining high tradition manufacturing custom made furniture for hospitality. From almost 50 years even the most remote place in the world have Colber products! In hotels, restaurants, cruise ships fields and much more we have earned a reputation for excellence on experience, plus management, expertise, sets up apart from all other our competitors.
We know very well leadership is the capacity to translate the company’s hallmarks in innovative design, quality construction using finest materials, combining craftsmanship production and technology, unsurpassed service to customers before, during and after selling.
While Colber manufactures custom furniture following creativity and talent of international designer, its worldwide reputation has grown through its distinctive collaborations with today’s most renowned, bespoken designers and leading clients.
Whether the project is the fitting-out of a luxury cruise ship (with its demanding requirements for durability under extreme climatic conditions), furnishing a great hotel, crafting the chairs and tables that will grace the world’s finest restaurants, or meeting the unique needs of discriminating residential customers, Colber responds with careful dedication and skill.
On-site installation and ongoing maintenance of installed pieces are also key elements of Colber’s legendary service.
If can be designed, it can be manufactured “durably and beautifully” by Colber. Cause being focused on perfection. Enthusiasm is our must daily bases no matter which kind of projects we are involved in reinvent every day is what we are focused at.