Made in Italy means for Colber: “ Fully manufactured in Italy ”.

Colber is proud to collaborate with local suppliers, skilled craftsmen garanting full control on production and high quality for the products for hospitality. Combining craftsmanship and industrial production to give a plus to all final projects.

Our mission is to perserve craftmanship. All technicians in our facilities have years of experience in manufacturing furniture growing in a area specialized in any kind of products.

Controlling every single step of the supply chain, from design or concept to production making every product unique, no matter where are installed: on board in cruise ships or in a restaurant or in the lobby or in a guestroom of hotels.

Colber is always looking for the highest quality materials selected by experts to confirm the maximum value to the final result creating avant-garde and luxury products fully manufactured in Italy.

Colber, moreover, is synonymous of high professionalism and reliability in the processes of production and completion where quality is guaranteed accurate control during production stages from in-house team. These are the basic ingredients to successfully obtain the products certification on an international level.