Every design challenge requires a unique solution.

Our scope is to deliver to worldwide customers products that perfectly fit their needs and go beyond their expectations.

Flexibility is the key element that makes it possible. Being flexible and considering projects with versatility we love to trasform ideas in furniture.

To understand exactly what is needed and produce it, we take into consideration all the aspects of a project: quantities, timings and budgets. No matter if we need to produce a single sofa for a small project or a thousand pieces for a cruise ship.

We put all ourselves in order to deliver highest standard products in terms of quality design and technology. To meet all international environmental regulations using top certified eco friendly materials we are fully equiped to be on part with the dynamic market and deliver services compliant with international standards.

The method developed over more that 50 years allow us to change any detail at every step of the production. This is what we call flexibility.

We aim to manufacture successfully products combining different materials no matter which crazy  and elaborate design is proposed by the client.

Resistance, durability and reliability are for Colber the primary targets of any product, in the care of details and quality. All these to guarantee the maximum reliability and client’s satisfaction.

We leverage our global service and sector expertise to provide holistic design solutions through a multi-disciplinary approach. Grounded in the relationship between people and space. Our design process allows us to evolve beyond constraints to create some distinctive every time.