To give life to an idea, shape a project, make it real, select the best material for each detail, create a production line with certified quality standards is possible at Colber by a know-how that has been achieved by the experience of all people involved in every step of each project.

50 years of experience: international background in hospitality field following different world preferences and needs. No matter where Colber delivers products: like to make each projects unique and successfull.

Our portfolio is full of successfull projects and products developed and produced for worldwide customers in collaboration with international talented architects and designers. This portfolio is constantly growing thanks to our experience in manufacturing products suitable for hospitality, keeping into consideration long lasting durability and easy  maintainance.

Our technical department develops a new product from sketch adjusting all technical details to engineer always something unique.

Market allows us to support clients and designers in their choices being professional and leaders in hospitality market creating teams with designers, customers and buyers to share and combine experience and knowledge to success together in every new creation.

Our mission is to create furniture that exceptional people are excited by, and proud of and there for committed to and productive within. Our motivation guides our team’s learning groth and advancement our values are defined by excellence, commitment details and results.