Our clients benefit from a process forged over nearly 50 years of manufacturing practice delivering products of interactival projects that solve real daily managing problems. Incovering innovative solution in result of our interactive collaborative process undertaken with designer our clients to have in real great ideas.

Colber pratices a strict policy of promoting, improving and maintaining client satisfaction. In a highly competitive market scenario, Colber is committed to standing out by providing our clients with excellent and distinctive service from all our divisions.

Colber outstanding service is at heart of every with you. Trasform in ideas your furniture.

Reputation for bringing in projects on time and on budget considering  above all dry dock “projects”  where working in extreme condition in a limited time. Our taem  both in office and on board  are aware of being flexible and consider projects with versatility.

Through the thoughtfull exploration of form, materials and resources, Colber achieve functional interior spaces of quality, innovation and significance which express the firm’s overall commitment to excellence from concept through realization.

Colber’s leadership is collaborative directed by President Gabriele Longoni and chief axecutive officer Lodovica Longoni. They work with operating team craftmen and skilled people and other practise areas to complete team focused in serving our global clients with forward thinking adaptable solutions that supports the complex neeeds solving clients in requests international hospitality markets.